How to Encourage Children to Eat Healthfully

How to Encourage Children to Eat Healthfully

In this episode of Ask a Nutritionist, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Megan Holdaway answers the question, “How can I encourage my child to eat healthy?”

It can be challenging for parents and caregivers to teach healthy eating habits when dealing with picky and selective eaters. Rather than throwing in the towel, Megan shares tips to inspire shaping healthy eating habits over time through positive preparation, shopping and eating experiences.

Role modeling teaches children through example while promoting physical, mental and social well-being. Demonstrating eating a wide variety of foods, talking about where food comes from, engaging children through food preparation and setting a snack and meal schedule encourages children to think and eat healthfully. Engaging children to eat healthy may look different for every family. Megan reminds us to start small and celebrate the small steps along the way!

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