99% people Don’t Know How to Eat Flax seeds / Alsi अलसी | For Hormonal Balance & Weight Loss | Hindi

99% people Don’t Know How to Eat Flax seeds / Alsi अलसी | For Hormonal Balance & Weight Loss | Hindi

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In Today’s Episode of Know You Ingredients I am going to talk about another miracle seeds mostly consumed in winter season in India. These Tiny Red Seeds Can Have Magical Effects on your hormonal balance, weight loss, immunity, hair growth and skin. I am talking about Flax seeds, alsi or अलसी. These red-coloured seeds have been mentioned in Ayurveda for being beneficial in many health conditions including postpartum. However 99% people dont know how to consumes them to enjoy their Ture health benefits. This Video includes the nutritional information, health benefits, how and when to consume, possible side effects and much more information about these seeds.

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Flax seeds vs chia seeds which is better for weight loss https://youtu.be/1wcF5-9R1HY
Aliv seeds for hormonal balance and weight loss https://youtu.be/pN0_kb4QJhM

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