Healthy Eating in Ramadan Made Simple: Tips for Suhoor, Iftar & Overeating! | Webinar

Healthy Eating in Ramadan Made Simple: Tips for Suhoor, Iftar & Overeating! | Webinar

What should you eat at Suhoor & Iftar for high energy while fasting, to avoid feeling tired & lazy? How do you stop overeating & gaining weight in Ramadan? Join Coach Amina to learn practical tips how to eat healthy AND enjoy ALL your favourite foods in Ramadan, based on the latest research!

(30-Day Fasting Mealplan, 70+ Health Ethnic Recipes & More!)

About Coach Amina:
Amina Khan is an award-winning Fitness Coach and Founder of Amanah Fitness. She has inspired thousands of busy Muslim families all over the world to start exercising with her at-home workout videos. She was named Canada’s Top Fitness Instructor Specialist in 2018 and is currently on the 2021 Advisory panel for Canadian Fitness Professionals (Canfitpro).
Amina is currently completing her Ph.D. degree in Health Psychology. Her goal is to provide research-based solutions for Muslim families to overcome cultural fitness struggles and increase inclusivity in the fitness industry.
You can get her Ramadan Reset Guide to Healthy Eating & Exercise at and free fasting workouts at

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Webinar Time Stamps:
00:00 Welcome + Introduction to the Ramadan Reset!
2:35 Ramadan Trivia
3:55 Intro to healthy eating in Ramadan
4:20 MYTH: “I dont have time to eat healthy in Ramadan
4:55 Challenges for eating healthy in Ramadan
5:25 Why you should NEVER skip Suhoor – Motivation from The Sunnah of the Prophet (saws)
6:20 Your Goal at Suhoor: How to feel full longer when fasting?
7:14 Suhoor Must-Have #1: High Fibre foods help you stay full & energetic while fasting (&Examples)
8:50 Suhoor Must-Have #2: Increase Protein intake at Suhoor to reduce hunger & Ghrelin secretion (the hunger hormone) to feel full longer & fuel your muscles!
10:15 Examples of Excellent Protein foods
10:50 Suhoor Must-Have #3: Healthy Fats
11:25 6 examples of healthy suhoor meals for all different types of people & food preferences (oatmeal/porridge, smoothies, leftovers, cultural foods, curries & more!)
16:18 Make sure to sip water throughout Suhoor to avoid dehydration!
18:00 Make-ahead suhoor meal prep, fast emergency suhoor options for busy mornings
21:00 Iftar challenges: Food coma, operating, laziness, tiredness after eating in Ramadan
21:50 Why do Muslims gain weight in Ramadan?
22:18 2 Main goals for Iftar in Ramadan: What are you eating? How are you eating in Ramadan (mindfulness)
22:40 Your Iftar food selection will differ based on your family & cultural preferences! Learn healthy eating PRINCIPLES to apply to YOUR favorite ethnic foods.
23:46 3 Principles for a PRACTICAL Healthy Iftar, for all cultural foods
24:22 The importance of Fluid-Filled Foods at Iftar: Fruits, soups & more!
26:17 Avoid constipation in Ramadan with high fibre foods at Iftar
27:16 High protein to refuel your body at Iftar
27:50 Feeling bloated in Ramadan?
28:35 High sugar foods, desserts & snacks in Ramadan
29:55 How to enjoy Deep-Fried Foods, Samosas & Pakoras in Ramadan without gaining weight!
33:40 Example! Sneak Peak inside the Ramadan Reset Mealplan
36:00 Portion control in Ramadan to avoid overeating & weight gain while fasting
37:50 Drink more water in Ramadan to help prevent overeating
38:00 Using your hands as a portion control trick
41:30 Overeating vs. Mindful Eating in Ramadan
41:55 Warnings from the Companions of The Prophet Muhammad (saws) on avoiding Overeating
43:50 Surprising advice from famous Islamic scholars on the dangers of overeating for Muslims
45:45 A culture of gluttony: Why do we eat so fast & binge at mealtimes?
47:04 What is mindful eating? Eating with INTENTION & ATTENTION (Gratitude vs. Gluttony)
47:45 Dhikr to help us develop mindful eating
48:55 The Mindful plate: 5 Essential Steps for Mindful Eating to enjoy your food
52:00 SLOW DOWN! People who eat SLOWER feel fuller, have lower BMI, and stop overeating!
54:00 Practical is always better than purpose! No more food guilt!
56:33 Q&A
57:15Can I drink coffee in Ramadan?”
58:30How to avoid headaches or feeling tired in Ramadan?”
1:00:00 MYTH: You do NOT need tomake upfor the food you missed while fasting!
1:01:20 Supplements while fasting
1:02:13 How to make ANY recipe healthy in Ramadan – Food swaps
1:03:13 Why I hate diets
1:04:30 Conclusion

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