99% People Make This Mistake While Consuming Sprouts | How to Eat Sprouts | Benefits & Side Effects

99% People Make This Mistake While Consuming Sprouts | How to Eat Sprouts | Benefits & Side Effects

In today’s episode of Know Your Ingredients I will talk about Sprouts. Do you know 99% People Make This Mistake While Consuming Sprouts !! In today’s Video I will throw some light on How to Eat Sprouts. What are the health Benefits & Side Effects of consuming sprouts.
Sprouts are called the living food. Seeds of grains or legumes are germinated to produce this superfood. Packed with protein, calcium, fibre, vitamin, mineral, and enzyme. However, if not consumed with proper care, in right amount and at right time sprouts can have negative impact on your health. Hence, this video is all about how to include sprouts in your diet to enjoy its full health benefits.

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