How To Eat MANGOSTEEN!! Harvesting + Cooking Mangosteen Curry! | Fruit Paradise in Thailand!

Everything you need to know about Mangosteen fruit!
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Khiriwong (คีรีวง), Thailand – Welcome to Nakhon Si Thammarat province in Southern Thailand, and specifically to the fruit paradise village of Khiriwong (คีรีวง). This village and the surrounding mountains are known to produce some of the best quality natural tropical fruit in Thailand. Today, we are focusing on mangosteen, the purple queen of fruits!

First of all, just eating purple mangosteen is one of the joys of life. I remember when I had my first taste in Bangkok years ago. During the season I would buy multiple kilos per day and eat it all in my apartment. Fast forward to today, and theres no better place to eat mangosteen than the source. The freshness, the sweet juiciness of the fruit off the tree is unparalleled. But not only can you eat the ripe purple mangosteen, but the green unripe mangosteen in edible and delicious as well.

So we went to harvest some green mangosteen, and then Aunty cooked two different Thai dishes with green mangosteen – mangosteen curry and mangosteen salad. Both were delicious, but being a spicy curry lover, that was the winner.

Bannmaihom (บ้านไม้หอมโฮมสเตย์คีรีวง – There are many homestays in Khiriwong (คีรีวง) but we stayed at Bannmaihom where the Aunty is so friendly and an amazing cook. Highly recommended homestay and village to visit if you love nature and some of the best fruit youll ever have (just make sure to visit during fruit season – about July – September).

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